Megan Lawley, MD



Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Family Planning

Office: Emory University Hospital Midtown, Medical Office Tower, 8th Floor

Phone: 404-778-3401


Education and Training

Medical Education: Emory University School of Medicine, 2012
Residency: Emory University, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2016
Fellowship: PGY5, Family Planning Fellow, Emory University School of Medicine

Awards and Honors

• Golden Apple Teaching Award, 2013
• Recipient of Health Services Scholarship, 2009
• Medical Students For Choice Fellowship Recipient, 2008


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Grillon C, Baas JM, Pine DS, Lissek S, Lawley M, Ellis V, Levine J: The benzodiazepine alprazolam dissociates contextual fear from cued fear in humans assessed by fear-potential startle. Biological Psychiatry 7:760-766, 2006

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